Solar Development and EPC Services

What We Do

WBE Solar company creating financial opportunities for Commercial Property Portfolios and Affordable Housing developers to adopt Solar PV


  • Developers/General Contractors looking for End to End Solar design-build services (Subcontracting).

  • Developers/General Contractors looking to submit bids to HPD or affordable-housing/other entities with environmental focus.
  • Developers/General Contractors with WBE requirements looking to
    leverage solar incentives to bring down the cost of a solar installation while complying with WBE.
  • Portfolio-Property owners who are looking to reduce their building management electricity cost with direct purchase, partial to full finance, 3rd Party Management.
  • Developers/General Contractors who sold many buildings and are now looking to reduce income tax liability by applying solar to their existing portfolios.
  • Developers/General Contractors who are working under affordable housing passive house or other green related funding sources who are required to integrate solar into their designs.
  • Architects and Professional Engineering Trades looking to “Spec” a uniquely engineered installation method developed internally by GCE/770

All-in-one Solar Services

We have transformed the complex process of solar project management & development in New York into our simple and effective all-in-one services. From initial site analysis, design & financing options to development and maintaining your systems, we cover all stages of project development under the sun.

Types of Solar Installed

• Ballasted Install (Grid- Tied/Battery Backup)
• Carport Solar(Grid-Tied/Battery Backup)
• Custom-I-Beam-Structures (Grid-Tied/Battery Backup)
• Custom Pipe Structures (Grid- Tied/Battery Backup)
commercial solar project development ny

Financial Products Offered

• Direct Ownership
• 3rd Party Finance
• Operating/Capital Lease
• Lease/Buy-Back
• Power Purchase Agreement
• Fund Derived Grants/Programs
Solar Incentives

Other Products Offered

• Solar Maintenance and Repair
• Structural Engineering For Solar
• Solar Design Consulting
• Electrical Engineering for Solar

Equipment Installed

• All Brands/Models Solar Panels (60 Cell/72 Cell/Thin Film/Glass)
• Inverters Str/Micro/Optimizer
• All Batteries
• All Racking Systems

We are a WBE Family Owned Business

Our passionate, WBE family owned team is dedicated to cost-effective energy efficient solutions to make a difference against climate change and our local areas energy footprint.



Proud to make a difference with each commercial solar project.

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WBE Solar company specializing in end-to-end design, supply and installation of complete Solar Photovoltaic Systems (PV), generators, energy savings lighting, Electrical Construction, and General Construction.